GRT-Dongle activation for Infinity products


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GRT-Dongle software can be activated for Infinity products:
- Infinity-Box/Dongle
- Infinity [BEST]
- Infinity CDMA-Tool

How to activate:
- login to your IOS account
- go to `Products` menu
- go to `GRT-Dongle products` menu
- select activation
- enter your Infinity S/N
- confirm activation
- once you will see that job done you should run Infinity DongleManager software and update your Infinity firmware
- run grt updater software to see your grt Serial Number (S/N)
- now you can login to grt support area, download files and use software. If you can not access grt support area it's need to wait some time, support area for you S/N will be activated soon.

To know your GRT-Dongle Serial Number (S/N) use grt-updater
Use grt-updater ONLY to read Serial Number (S/N) !
DO NOT use grt-updater to update Infinity Smart-Card !

Please see information and ask questions about GRT-Dongle here

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