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Service   Price   Delivery Time
LG Factory Code World (All Level Locks)   DA700.00   5-20 Miniutes
LG Not Found service 1-6hours   DA900.00   1-6 Hours
LG Worldwide (NCK Only) 24.7 Service "Exclusive" Direct Source   DA300.00   1-4 Hours

Service   Price   Delivery Time
HTC 2008-2012 - OLD Database   DA600.00   1-60 Miniutes
HTC 2009<>2017 SERVER #1   DA1000.00   Instant
HTC 2009<>2018 SERVER #2   DA1200.00   Instant

Service   Price   Delivery Time
ZTE Calculater   DA500.00   1-12 Hours
ZTE Unlock (Worldwide all models Fast)   DA800.00   1-10 Hours
ZTE Unlock - Not Found All IMEI Supported   DA3000.00   1-5 Miniutes
ZTE Worldwide All Model 1-30 Minute   DA680.00   1-3 Hours

Service   Price   Delivery Time
Alcatel (duplicate_8) - FREE!   DA0.00   Instant
Nokia DCT 3/4 - FREE!   DA0.00   Instant

Service   Price   Delivery Time
Samsung CANADA (Not Found)   DA1000.00   1-48 Hours
Samsung Canada NCK Code - Fast - [ 1-24 Hours]   DA1000.00   1-24 Hours
Samsung Europe S7/S7 Edge Supported [New Database]   DA2000.00   1-72 Hours
Samsung Mexico   DA600.00   1-24 Hours
Samsung USA AT&T - S6 / S5 / S4 Supported   DA1000.00   1-24 Hours
Samsung WorldWide NCK + MCK/Unfreeze   DA2400.00   1-24 Hours

Service   Price   Delivery Time

Service   Price   Delivery Time
Alcatel (New SRO 2013)   DA600.00   1-60 Miniutes
Alcatel (Old MTK C7xx)   DA400.00   1-60 Miniutes
Alcatel - New Phones (2009-2013)   DA500.00   1-24 Hours

Service   Price   Delivery Time
Dell   DA4000.00   5-15 days
Doro   DA400.00   1-12 Hours
HP-iPAQ   DA5000.00   1-24 Hours

Service   Price   Delivery Time
BlackBerry Calculator Via MEP   DA600.00   1 To 5 hours
BlackBerry Calculator Via PRD   DA600.00   -
Unlock Blackberry Passport, Z10, Z30, Q5 & Q10   DA5000.00   1-3 DAYS
Unlock by code for Blackberry 9320 9720 New Algo   DA4000.00   1-3 DAYS

Service   Price   Delivery Time
Huawei Calculator(y560,y625,U8825D)   DA300.00   1-12 Hours
Huawei Factory Code All Model (NCK+Simlock Block+Unlock Reset Key)   DA7200.00   2-7 Miniutes

Service   Price   Delivery Time
EMEA iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S/6/6+/6S/6S+/SE//7/7+ - Premium Service   DA2000.00   1-4 days

Service   Price   Delivery Time
AEG - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant
Alcatel - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant
LG - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant
Maxon - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant
Nec - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant
Nokia DCT 2/3/4 - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant
Panasonic - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant
Samsung - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant
Siemens - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant
Sony - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant
Toshiba - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant
Vitel - FREE!   DA200.00   Instant